[Debate] Debería EXO.DO sacar tajada de el EXODO de los SIRIOS?

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    Me refiero a que podríamos dar un tirón importante en el foro, con alguna plataforma prosiria, para acojer a los sirios, ya sabeís el nombre tira mucho, y si le damos caña por twitter.. La cosa esta ahora mismo a tope,es tendencía mundial, y la peña entaría como núnca.

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    Empieza tú y los demás te seguimos :sisi3:

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    Quien acredite la nacionalidad siria parte con 30 puntos de repu

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    no se la idea sería, poner en contacto a los refugiados que vienen a españa con los españoles dispuestos a meterlos en su casa, ellos usan mucho las redes sociales hay autenticas campañas en facebook y se mueven cantidad, usan mucho internet.

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    Tema sirio

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    @Nox dijo:

    Tema sirio

    Pillo sirio

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    Alguien que sepa hablar arabe o siriaco?

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    Yo solo puedo dar 30 centimos en monedas de 10 y algo de pelusa de bolsillo

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    @marty dijo:

    Alguien que sepa hablar arabe o siriaco?

    tampoco es necesario, ellos manejan bien el ingles.

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    Si los metes en tu casa con ese "núnca"...

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    Yo les acojo que verás que bien :sisi3:

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    @marty dijo:

    Alguien que sepa hablar arabe o siriaco?

    @erpatata dijo:

    tampoco es necesario, ellos manejan bien el ingles.

    "Engari me whakamārama e ahau ki a koutou te pehea ko tenei whakaaro hape katoa o fakahala'i pai ai, me te whakamoemiti ki te mamae tetahi tino pūkete o te pūnaha, ka whakaatu i te mau haapiiraa tūturu te kaihōpara nui o te pono, te ariki-kaihanga oaoa tangata o o. Kahore hoki tetahi whakakahore, te kino to, mawehe ahuareka ano ranei, no te mea he mea ahuareka, engari no te mea te hunga e matau ana ki te whai i pai ai farerei auhia hopearaa e tino mamae. Otiia kihai tetahi tangata, no ki, te hunga e pai marire waea eis atamai te tāuta, consectetur, ki te whiwhi pai i te reira, engari e kore o te ahua, no te mea e kore ratou e hinga i te mauiui, me te mamae, ki te tahi mau taime nui rapu ahuareka. no te, rite mai tatou ki te iti rawa , e o tatou ake ake whakatutuki mahi tinana mahi a, ki te kahore ki te whiwhi i etahi painga i reira? Otiia nei tetahi matau ki te kitea tetahi he hunga i roto i te ahuareka taua nei kahore nunu'a hōhā, tetahi ranei te tangata mawehe atu te mamae e hua kore ahuareka hua? "


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    Para hablar en este tema hay que ser un poco sirios, no troleéis mas

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    Pongame dos

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    Syrian woman speaks against immigration into Europe/ Sirijka govori protiv imigranata u Evropi – 10:44
    — Портал Правда

    Dear friends I am here today infront of you as a proud syrian citizen, to tell you about situation in my contury, that is also important to Serbia. We used to be loved and respected people. Before this war our biggest issue was Palestine . We wanted to solve our small problems compared to what we have today ( Bureaucracy and Corruption in some sectors. ) we didn't know injustice, terrorism or criminality. We worked hard the last 10 years before this war and we made big steps. The most important thing that before this war we didn't have syrian refugees.

    We had strong national identity. Those who you see out in the streets of belgrade on their way to germany or holand , they are not the real syrian. Don't miss understand me , i love my people , but my people those who are fighting for Syria for our homelands.

    Yes those refugees suffered but who didn't suffer through this war? Why the rest of the syrian are staying and resisting? If they are really refugees they would choose for the first safe place that they can reach and not fight with the Hungarian police cause they want to reach germany. Let me ask you if the west doesn't want those refugees or doesn't want them to die in the sea, why it doesn't stop the sanctions on syrian people? That already costed syria 143 billion dollars?

    If it is not the west agenda why it doesn't help those syrian to stay by supporting the syrian army to get rid of the terrorist and make syria safe again? Why they don't help to rebuild the destroyed houses of the people with the money that they spend on refugee? They took away the people who can rebuild this country. They want to break syria and the syrian people. They want to steal Syrian doctors and their best students on one hand. This will cause a braindrain. On the other hand multinationals want cheap labours so they can lower the wages.

    We lost 100.000 soldiers fighting against extremists till now, I don't hear the west crying on them , those who gave their souls to defend a nation leaving behind them proud families deserve to be helped, on the other side they cry on person died trying to run away and leave there country, many of them are jihadists, and even more they are paid thousands of euros for this.

    Let me tell you that the money a family of 5 persons will pay to reach Europe is enough to buy a house in a safe area of Sirya, start a new job and live good. They are not refugees they are economicaly motivated immigrants. After 5 years of war our navy still for-filling its international duties. Our coast is well guarded and not a single boat with immigrants leaves from there. Another trend those days is to take christians out of Syria . Emptying one of the first Christian lands from Christians...What we have today in Syria is similar to what you had in Serbia before. They target our identity our unity and our sovereignty.

    I want to underline that the Syrian nation and Serbian nation were always friends, we have big and respected orthodox community, Syria didin`t recognize independence of Kosovo and we have many mutual enemies. You should know that as you fight against politicians who promote new world order, USA interests and mass imigration, at the same time you are saving many peoples lives and there future. We are more then connected, same Albanian terrorists that were fighting in Kosovo, are today killing civilians in Syria, and this is allowed by same corrupted politicians in the USA, there alies in EU, and there falowers here in Serbia, and be aware that wave of migration will return to Serbia.

    Dear friends all i ask you today is to stand by us as a people defending you in the same time as we defend our selves. Stand by our army by our right cause, because if we lost this war jihadists won't stop in Syria. Together we will ressist until victory.

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