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    Our Modular Rigger's Belt™ (MRB) is a single, lightweight belt system that carries your gear and holds up your pants. It features our new LoopLock™ inner belt layer that passes through pants belt loops, keeping the MRB™ oriented and stable. Made in the US from US materials.

    There are two main ways to configure the system to suit any operational need:
    Keep the inner LoopLock™ layer attached to belt for most secure and stable setup.
    Wear inner LoopLock™ layer as a separate low-profile pants belt for added versatility.


    -Multiple pistol mounting options (on inner LoopLock™ layer, on exterior MOLLE sleeve, and on main belt)
    -Main belt can be replaced with alternate load-rated rigger's belts
    -Ergonomically shaped for long wearing comfort
    -Extremely light and low bulk
    -MOLLE sleeve has opening for drop leg holster integration
    -Inner LoopLock™ belt functions on its own as a great low-profile pants belt (no bulky hardware)

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