[Tutorial] Assembly Slide-Stock

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    Assembly Slide-Stock

    In this section we will be assembling the slide stock. Since the stock bears a great amount of
    force during operation, it is important that it is assembled securely and professionally. Properly
    apply torque in various tools are key to making the slide stock rock-solid.
    Next, insert Take-Down Pin (LR-005) into
    the lower receiver. Then from behind the
    receiver, insert Take Down Pin Stopper Pin
    (LR-006) and then the Take Down Pin
    Stopper Pin Spring (LR-007) into their
    insertion hole, as illustrated.

    I. Install Stock-Tube
    Prepare stock tube by installing Stock Tube
    Nut (SST-012) onto the Stock Tube (SST-011)
    with the four notches facing the rear.
    Thereafter, insert Stock Set Plate (SST-013)
    over the threaded part of stock tube.
    Finally, screw stock tube into lower receiver.
    Pay attention to the positioning; the front
    end of the stock tube should not protude
    from the lower receiver. If the stock tube is
    too far forward, the receivers won’t close.
    Typically the front of the stock tube should
    still be about 2mm recessed.
    Once the stock tube is in position, use a stock
    tube wrench to loosely tighten the stock tube
    nut. Do not fully tighten the nut yet because
    you may need to loosen it and re-adjust the
    stock tube front/aft in the next step.

    1. Adjust Stock-Tube Cap
      The Stock-Tube Cap (SST-015)’s main
      purpose is to lock the upper receiver in-place
      when the receiver is closed. There is a hole in
      the middle of the stock tube cap where the
      click-ball of the cylinder unit fits into.
      Proper positioning of the stock-tube cap is
      important for proper operation, and it is
      adjusted using shims (look like large silver
      rings) included with the stock tube cap

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